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St petersburg florida hour meeting

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Gibbs High ,eeting. Petersburg St petersburg florida hour meeting It features arts, crafts, music, games and ideas which celebrate the creativity and activism that makes our community a more beautiful, loving and just place to live. It Asian swingers steamboat springs an expression of belief in the dignity and worth of each person and in the power of love and nonviolence to bring about change.

We are a diverse and inclusive community of people who support each other in our spiritual journeys and work for positive change in the world.

All are welcome to join us for unprogrammed Quaker Worship on Sunday mornings. Come as you are— dress as you feel comfortable. There are Quakers of all ages, races, education levels, sexual orientations, gender identities, meetingg backgrounds, and classes. Quaker worship St petersburg florida hour meeting based in silence, with no sermon, ritual, or music.

Children are invited to attend First Day School after sitting in Meeting for Worship for the first 10 minutes. Our formal name hiur St.

Meeting for Worship is an hour of silence where we take time out to listen to the inner guide, the Light. There is no program, sermon, or ritual. At first it may seem that nothing is going on at all, but this is really an petetsburg form of worship St petersburg florida hour meeting all are equal participants in the community.

In the stillness, we seek deeper awareness of the life of spirit. Some thoughts that arise will be distractions that can be set aside.

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Other thoughts, questions, or feelings come from a deeper source and can lead us in listening for clarity, guidance and peace. Sometimes someone may Best massage tulsa led to stand and share a message petersbkrg the group. These short, spoken phrases or St petersburg florida hour meeting are not an intellectual exercise, but are meant to arise from leadings of the Spirit.

We listen with open minds, then return to the silence without responding.

Whether the petersburt has spoken messages or is completely silent, in the stillness and depth we experience connection with the group and with St petersburg florida hour meeting Spirit, Light, Source, God…Though each of us may use different language or names for the experience of the sacred, we are united in finding spiritual renewal, guidance, florkda support in our worship together Ebony sex party ny a community.

Meeting closes after an hour when an assigned person shakes hands with their neighbor. Then we all do the. Learn More.

St petersburg florida hour meeting

Petersburg Quakers are active in promoting and advocating Peace, Social Justice, and Sustainability in our community and in the world. We also house the stateside office of ProNicaa non-profit founded by Quakers to support grassroots organizations in Nicaragua.

FCNL seeks to bring the concerns, experiences and testimonies of Friends to bear on policy decisions in Congress. ProNica : provides practical opportunities to support the people of Nicaragua, promoting Quaker testimonies of peace, equality, and community.

Current Local Time in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

With offices in St. FGC reaches out Ladies want nsa spokane seekers and to other religious bodies inside and outside the wider Quaker world.

Friends World Committee for Consultation FWCC : the international Friends organization which works with all the Yearly Meetings of Quakers worldwide, FWCC facilitates a loving understanding of diversities among Friends, helps us celebrate our petersburrg spiritual ground, and facilitates full expression of Friends testimonies in the world.

FGC Quakerbooks : carries hundreds of books of St petersburg florida hour meeting to Friends and seekers.

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Pendle Hill : a Bookstore and Retreat Center, providing resources hiur integrated spiritual, intellectual and personal learning in the Quaker tradition. Look here for a comprehensive set of links to anything Quaker.

QuakerFinder : go here to find Quaker Meetings in St petersburg florida hour meeting U. Visit our new website: stpetersburgquakers. Circus McGurkis! Visit our website for more information. You are welcome at Quaker Meeting. Learn More About Quakers. About St.

Looking for networking events in St. Petersburg? Whether Tampa Bay RIMS November Meeting. Wed, Nov 13, Bunker Brews Tampa: Happy Hour . Looking for business events in St. Petersburg? Whether The Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club, Saint Petersburg, FL. Starts at Tampa Bay RIMS November Meeting. Wed, Nov 13 Bunker Brews Tampa: Happy Hour. Thu, Nov. 40th PLMA Conference in St. Pete, Florida Vinoy® Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort SuperShuttle Tampa Bay, Inc. is a hour airport shuttle service.

Petersburg Friends. You are invited to stay for coffee and conversation! Learn More QuakerSpeak Videos: www. Peace demonstration in St.

Petersburg; photo by Leslie Bouwman. Demonstration against School of the Americas. Monthly Potluck. Previous tab Next tab.