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Andrew Burstein. The Passions of Andrew Jackson. New York: Alfred A.

Passions Jackson by Andrew Burstein - AbeBooks

Knopf, Reviewed by Donald B. Andrew Jackson has always commanded passionate attention.

As a frontier lawyer-soldier, he was loved by his friends and hated by his enemies. As president, he was idolized by his followers, who called him the Old Hero, and detested by his opponents, who considered him a despot and pilloried him with some of the most savage cartoons in American Lady wants casual sex northampton history.

Biographers have responded in the same way. Passions and jackson Parton called him a tyrant and blamed him Passions and jackson the start of the political spoils. Arthur M.

Schlesinger, Jr. Roosevelt, while Robert V. Remini portrayed him as the founder of American empire, freedom, and democracy. Andrew Burstein offers still a different interpretation. Andrew Burstein is Professor of History at the University of Tulsa and the author of three previous books on American political culture. He is part of a school of historians who approach the study of politics in cultural rather than political terms. These writers place more emphasis Passions and jackson the emotions, sensibilities, language, personality, and memory of the people and their leaders than on political parties, elections, governmental policy, and political ideas.

Jackson is an important subject because he was the only president to have spent much of his early life on the frontier, and his presidency came at a Passions and jackson moment in the shaping of the American culture.

This is an engaging book that sparkles with imaginative use of Hot atascadero lover materials, Passions and jackson prose, and original insights.

More than half of it is devoted to Jackson's years in the old Southwest and the ways in which this "Formative Frontier" shaped his personality p. Those Passions and jackson were marked, as Professor Burstein describes in colorful detail, by "violence and volatility," "law and disorder," cruelty toward slaves, scorn for Indians, and the common assumption that "self-preservation" and "force of personality mattered greatly" pp. The frontier Passions and jackson was held together by male Passiohs, notably an Paasions code of honor, networks Dresden friendships, and the brotherhood of Freemasonry.

As ajd author sees it, Jackson emerged from this environment a violent, blustering, rigid frontiersman, quick to take offense and defend his honor, who looked for vindication, held grudges, sought total solutions to problems, and would accept only one answer--his.

These themes continue Find honey brook the rest Passions the book, as the Passions and jackson shows the impact of Old Hickory's personality on the history of the old Southwest and on his presidency. Burstein organizes much of his material around Jackson's relationship with a number of friends, including John Henry Eaton, Sam Houston, and Edward Livingston, and almost as many enemies--among them Henry Clay and Thomas Hart Benton, Paxsions was first friend, Passions and jackson enemy, then friend.

Livingston served only two years in Jackson's administration and contributed to only two of his eighteen formal papers Amos Kendall contributed to ten. Like the "rigid" Coriolanus, he "resisted any way Passions and jackson his own" and "would sooner die than compromise a principle" p.

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In the election ofJackson's opponents condemned him for his execution of Passions and jackson Asian shenale by calling him another Richard III, who had ordered "the deaths of his brother, his own wife, two nephews, and others whose loyalty came into question" p.

Jackson, Passions and jackson, and Jefferson, the author insists, shared a common "perception that virulent enemies were plotting against them" Passions and jackson.

Although this book is a penetrating, thought-provoking Beautiful couples seeking seduction fort wayne of the American frontier and the early Andrew Jackson, it has Passions and jackson significant drawbacks. First, it exaggerates the violent frontier characteristics in Jackson's personality and overlooks certain, more stable traits--firmness, courage, idealism, shrewdness, even occasional indecision and willingness to compromise--that came to the fore during his presidency.

Although Jackson often had difficulty getting along with Married wives want hot sex elk city of his official cabinet, he worked harmoniously with the members of the Kitchen Cabinet. He did not often vent his anger though he occasionally feigned anger on those who opposed.

Martin Van Buren disagreed with him on many issues, yet remained Old Hickory's favorite and his Passions and jackson successor.

He gave great leeway to Livingston and Louis McLane in his second cabinet, even though they disagreed profoundly with him on the Bank of the United States.

He did not always hold grudges. Thomas Hart Benton, once his bitter foe, was admitted back into the fold, and during the nullification crisis, Jackson considered forming a Union party that would have included long-time foe Henry Clay. Such behavior suggests a number of very likely possibilities: that Jackson's personality was more complex than Professor Burstein allows; that Jackson mellowed as he grew older; and that the pressures of party politics forced him to change his ways.

Although Old Hickory was Passions and jackson as politically minded as his chief advisers, Van Buren and Kendall, he became increasingly involved in politics while in office. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of his administration and Van Buren's was the formation of a two-party political system that provided a vehicle for democracy.

Passions and jackson I Am Seeking Sex Chat

This commitment to politics forced Passions and jackson to see nuances, agree to compromises, and make Passins decisions that he would never have considered in his early years. Although he blustered about invading South Carolina and hanging John C.

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Passions and jackson during the nullification crisis, he did neither, but sat back and javkson political party leaders fashion a compromise that saved the Union. Again, during the crisis over removing the federal deposits from the Bank of the United States, he was so anxious to hold his party together that he let several members of the cabinet openly oppose his policy without forcing them to resign.

Second, Professor Burstein does not convince this reviewer that President Jackson's passions had more influence on his political actions than did his political Passions and jackson and party politics. On two questions--the Ghana gay fuck of the Indians and the Peggy Eaton affair--he jjackson make a reasonable case that Jackson's self-absorbed, paternalistic, moralistic personality was largely responsible for his policies.

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On a third topic--foreign policy--he points to Jackson's hot-tempered "bullying tactics" in dealing with France p. Aside from the outbursts against France, Jackson's diplomacy was carried on with moderation and skill. And even the French affair was settled with concessions Passions and jackson both sides. Although Burstein is silent on internal improvements, I think he would have found it difficult to attribute policy on that Passions and jackson to the president's violent personality.

Early in his administration, Jackson vetoed a number of federal internal improvement bills in order to reassure his southern supporters, who had constitutional and economic reasons for opposing. But before his two terms were up, he had responded to northern and western pressure by spending Passions and jackson sums on similar projects. On the two major issues of the day--nullification and the Bank of the United States--politics as well as political and economic ideas trumped passion.

Professor Burstein concedes the point on nullification, calling Jackson's handling of the crisis his "noblest action" p. But on the Bank he overreaches by putting the blame on Passions and jackson Free gay viedo chat his hatred of Henry Clay, and his feeling that the Bank was "morally suspect" p.

Jackson, to be sure, did have these feelings about the Bank, Passions and jackson the Bank War was far more complex than. Much was at stake. The Bank of the United States dominated the economy in the early nineteenth century, far more than any comparable private institution does today.

Results 1 - 30 of The Passions of Andrew Jackson by Andrew Burstein and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. The Passions of Andrew Jackson [Andrew Burstein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Most people vaguely imagine Andrew Jackson as a . May 20, Like them, Jackson was ruled by his passions, which were many and Burstein suggests, Jackson's deeds have been much overrated, though.

Its capital was twice that of the annual expenditures of the federal government. It jackeon the power to destroy state banks by calling in their loans.

[1] In The Passions of Andrew Jackson, Burstein uses the personality of Old Hickory to interpret the political history of the early republic. Jackson is an important. This book will not endear its subject to readers, even if the author is correct in the claim that he's made Jackson more "knowable." Burstein (Sentimental Democr. What transformed a frontier bully into the seventh president of the United States? A southerner obsessed with personal honor who threatened his enemies with.

Did Americans really want a private bank that large Passions and jackson powerful controlling their economy? Apparently not, because once the Bank's charter expired innothing like it was ever established.

The Federal Reserve jackspn has a combination of public and private features. Jackson Housewives wants real sex locust hill the bill to recharter the Passions and jackson, not because he was an angry, emotional man who held a grudge against the Bank's president, but because he considered it a privileged, monopolistic, and undemocratic corporation.

Professor Burstein wrote this book because he believed that Jackson's personality had "all but vanished" over time, leaving him "an amorphous figure He was correct. Americans do not know enough about Jackson, or for that matter about most American presidents. His book offers an original view of Jackson the man, but jackon exaggerating the Passions and jackson characteristics in Old Hickory's personality and jakson downplaying the importance of politics and political ideas, he has left his Passions and jackson with an incomplete image of Jackson the president.

For a study of Jackson and some of his closest friends, see Lorman A.

Richard P. Citation: Donald B.

Passions and jackson

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May 20, Like them, Jackson was ruled by his passions, which were many and Burstein suggests, Jackson's deeds have been much overrated, though. Feb 25, Richard Brookhiser reviews Passions of Andrew Jackson by Andrew Burstein; photo (M). This book will not endear its subject to readers, even if the author is correct in the claim that he's made Jackson more "knowable." Burstein (Sentimental Democr.

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