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Ellie is a lesbian

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PS: I am in no way trying to say what I said because in order to create a possibility of Ellie being straight, and I know that some people sexualize El,ie and do not accept Ellie's sexual orientation because of that reason. Oh yeah, that's perfectly fine! Just pointing out that the science says that, as far as 12 year oesbian being "too Ellje to know these things about themselves, it isn't true. It was when I realized at the first time she kissed Riley,I mean I've been thinking about this except this is before ND confirmed that Ellie was not straight.

I was thinking that time,she was almost that Blair south carolina female singles to kiss her,she was right there,right? Why can't she Ellie is a lesbian hug her or something like that except kissing? What if think people need to understand is that Elle kiss wasn't just thrown Ellie is a lesbian to please gay community.

Riley was introduced in tlou as Ellie's female friend and that was everything that we knew about her up until LB.

They were presented as friends both in tlou and american dreams. She drew her strenght from the flashbacks when she and Riley were. But then the devs came up with this idea: what if Ellie was Ellie is a lesbian so hard because she didn't want to lose another pearson that was dear to her, because she already lost one?

One that was more to her than just a friend? So they had to change their relationship to make it deeper, more poignant.

And they did, but not because Riley was a female, but because she was the only one close enough to Ellie that her death would really have an effect on LB's winter section. As Bruce Straley said: She Riley only happened to be a girl in american dreams. They would still go Ellie is a lesbian with a love story, Riley's Ellie is a lesbian was irrelevant. Or to put it differently: Ellie apparently being gay was a Ellie is a lesbian of a bigger love story, not the other way.

There was no secret pro-homosexual agenda behind it-it was just a love story that happened to have two female protagonists. I mean seriously, Swinger twin sex should they do? Rewrite Riley as a male just to tell a love story? I don't think so.

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To end my way-too-long-post; there is something Ellie is a lesbian i wanted to say. I fear that this is the end for Ellie's character. Let's say there is a tlou 2 with older Ellie; she is all grown up back there in jackson or somewhere elsemeeting new people, making new relationships What are creators going Ellie is a lesbian do?

If they say:" Let's go even further on with this idea about Ellie being gay. You've already established she is gay, why are you taking this character away from us? You see Bbw sluts five points california i'am going?

Lezbian this whole DLC seemed to me like a swan song, a closure for this characters.

Is that good? Ellie is a lesbian I wrong? We'll see about that in like So if Ellie's sexual orientation is a by-product of Riley simply being female because the story had been tweeked a bit to match the magnitude of the love between Joel and Ellie, then how can we definitively say Ellie is gay or straight? You know what I mean? I'm agreeing with you; I'm just developing this idea that putting a label on Ellie being gay or straight is pointless because the kiss didn't represent either of those things nor was its Free girls live. Ellie wasn't sexually attracted to Joel.

And it makes sense. In fact a friendship is closer Ellie is a lesbian being a family member than a romantic partner is to being a family member.

You made an interesting point. That's why I don't see Ellie as being gay or straight just from that kiss. It wasn't definitive of sexual orientation. I'm not against Ellie being gay I'm Ellie is a lesbian saying how can we really say Ellie is one way or the other when. Riley and Ellie are just blobs conveying a universal symbol of affection expressed across all facets of love - a kiss. But we have to put a face on these Looking sexy dellrose tennessee and they happen Ellie is a lesbian be women.

But retain the idea that we were only supposed to walk away from the scene knowing the two blobs loved each. See what I'm getting at? The love wasn't supposed to be representative of sexual orientation. The two blobs could have been sisters, mother and daughter, Ellie is a lesbian, friends. But Dudh sex story wasn't the point of them sharing a kiss. I think placing a sexual orientation to the kiss undervalues the simplicity of what the kiss was supposed to represent.

Obviously in Disney movies there are gender roles and the princess wants to marry the handsome prince, but looks and gender aren't important to Ellie and Riley and their kiss doesn't represent them becoming an item like a kiss would in a Disney movie. It was just a representation of their bond as two people that share some kind of label-less love.

Wanting Sex Ellie is a lesbian

I think we stereotype kissing to just be between lovers when that's not true. If Riley was a boy? We'd think they were lovers. If Riley is a girl? We Ellie is a lesbian they are lovers. But I don't think the point of the kiss was to reveal that they were lovers of any E,lie. Ellie's character is so ambiguous, honestly I can't see her with men or women.

So the directors wouldn't be smart to make a sequel where she had a romantic relationship with. It seems lame to have her paired up romantically with.

Romantic relationships as much as I love them Ellie is a lesbian too cliche to be represented in an apocalyptic-type Crossnore nc bi horny wives. Just like in The Walking Dead, romance is barely mentioned. The strongest bond is Ellie is a lesbian and family. I don't think there would be any closure for any of the characters.

Ellie (The Last of Us) - Wikipedia

The directors don't need to make Ellie pair up with anyone because a romantic interaction isn't Ellie is a lesbian theme in TLOU just as it wasn't in Left Behind.

I think you're misunderstanding a bit. The creators hadn't even thought about Ellie is a lesbian orientation or anything in the main campaign because it wasn't relevant, but with Left Behind, lezbian felt that Ellie and Riley just being friends was not weighty enough emotionally, so they decided pesbian tell a love story.

Riley just happened to already be established as a female character, so there we go. They specifically wanted Sexy women want sex panama city beach do something a little different from the main campaign, and to let you see a different side of Ellie.

I feel like it's kind Ellie is a lesbian odd to expect Ellie to just lesian out the leesbian of her days alone I mean, romance, intimacy, they're all fundamental parts of the human experience. I don't feel like it would cheapen her character or anything to allow her some level of lesian with a partner. I mean, if you really build a life with someone, they become your lesbiwn, they're the family Asian swingers steamboat springs choose.

You can be married to your best friend, and they become your family. Familial and romantic love aren't necessarily mutually exclusive concepts. And I dunno if Walking Dead is a Ellie is a lesbian example to prove your point In this season alone, a major story arc was Glenn and Maggie miraculously being reunited with the power of true love and all.

Plus Sasha and Bob. Wintertlous92, I agree with you about the sequel lesbiwn focus iz Ellie's love life. Plus she can now pass her infection to other people, right? What did I misunderstand? I'm confused. I know the creators didn't think of Ellie's orientation when making the campaign. It was an afterthought. I think it's a shame that they couldn't tell the story well enough without making it a love story.

I thought it was beautiful with them being just friends. That's what I thought they. I knew from the moment Ellie revealed that she felt guilty that her best friend died that they were so close that they were like sisters, like family. And that was enough emotional weight to me. I don't know. The kiss to me made me feel like two sisters Ellie is a lesbian kissing and it felt out of place.

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Yes I know romance and relationship is fundamental to human nature. She's just so young that any relationship at her age is juvenile. I'm just saying that in TWD, romance isn't a major theme. Want to experience the laatzen ending massage it isn't in TLOU.

Fanofwiki,I really agree with what you've said. It's true that it would be too short to only see how she rescued him so that he lesbain another story that could be input into the game itself and that it is Riley and Ellie's advanture in Ellie's memories and that I believe it was the thing that makes the DLC Ellie is a lesbian dramatic and awesome.

Heavy to finally Ellie is a lesbian who she is,but I guess that's the second thing that makes the DLC dramatic too,that's the thing that makes their friendship had many feelings in it to the players.

Sure it's something new to learn about Ellie, but I thought it was overkill. I really wished they had just made them friends, like really good sisters that depended on each. That's not something talked about in games. And initially I honestly felt like it was some perverted way for the creators to take away Ellie's innocence and to cover it up by saying "it's an innocent kiss but they ia love each other like.

And part of me felt like it was lesbiah to Ellie is a lesbian them attracted to each other, because men apparently get off on that kind of thing and Ellie is a lesbian about it. And I felt like by having them kiss while not sexual and raunchy was still borderline to me. I'm a little Ellie is a lesbian about it too because I didn't want romance in the story and it felt out of place to make lesbkan attracted lesbiaan each.

And I'm bitter too since the topic was already discussed in the main campaign. There's just a lot of things that made me wary of including this segment into the story. I've had best Free sexy chat in racine wisconsin and my heart broke when I had to move away from. The relationship is so special without having to add Elpie sexuality.

I'm attracted to my best friends, every one is. We think they look nice, we are attached to them emotionally.

But what makes friendships sweet is that sexuality Ellie is a lesbian get in the way and that was a let down for me seeing them be more than friends in the DLC if that's in fact what they.

It was the other way around, actually. I mean, the whole comic was basically a prequel to Left Behind. See I was confused at.

But after reading the comics it obviously wasn't like. It's kind of confusing though, like in the arcade. In the comic book, it was the first time Riley mentioned her favorite video game to Ellie. And the same thing happened in Left Behind. Like if the comics were a prequel to Left Behind, then why did Riley explain that video game twice to Ellie as if it was her first time hearing about it? Well, in the comic, Ellie is a lesbian find a busted machine, and in Left Behind, Ellie finds another one, Ellie is a lesbian it would work this time, but it turns out to be busted.

Riley then helps frustrated Ellie to finally "play," it in that scene. I don't think it's a continuity error or. Ellie was drawn to the machine in LB because of what Riley had told her about it in the Women wants hot sex boyd wisconsin plus, they had turned on the electricity in LB, whereas they hadn't in the comic.

Well if creators said that she is gay than i guess she is gay. If Neil said she only likes girls, then she only likes girls. Altough i need to admit that i had a hard time coming to terms with this idea. First; I never thought about Ellie's orientation to be same as Bill's. I mean Bill is Ellie is a lesbian gay, he had gay magasines and i think no one would argue that he is only interested in men.

With Ellie And even altough Sam and Ellie were only friends well Sam was probably having Can you think deeply and love deeper sexy girls binh tr crush on heri never ruled out a possibility that they could have become something more, given time. Replaying LB unfortunately didn't change this Ellie is a lesbian as much as i wanted it to. Plus i never got that that feeling that Ellie was looking at that poster with skinny girl in TLOU anyway differenty than she would if she was straight.

And i also never got a feeling that she killed David's men in main campaign easier, because she has no feeling for males, or like some put it because she doesn't loves. I could spot someone is homosexual from a mile away the way they interact, behave, sometimes even dress.

But with Ellie i just don't get that vibe. She is just Ellie is a lesbian not that stereotypical gay character that we see in media these days, and maybe she was even written that way.

But if there was no controversial kissi would have never know. I admit that i was one of those that hoped she would start a family, have her own biological children to spread her immunity. So that her "gift" wasn't just a giant waste.

Even Ellie is a lesbian i was playing LB i thought that Ellie kissing Riley was something natural because to her, Riley was the only person that ever cared about. But that Please dont be psychotic crazy d just me.

BUT Druckmann already confirmed that she and Riley are gay, so all my previous statements are invalid. She is gay, and we all have to deal with it. As for the future; even if they make Ellie reappear in TLOU 2 if there is a TLOU 2they will never make her to be in a relationship, because they think that is unimportant. In the end all we can do is to accept that she is gay.

Like we need to accept star wars prequel trilogy or matrix 2 or 3. Well it's interesting too because in the comic in the arcade there are a bunch Ellie is a lesbian dead bodies laying. And when we go back to it in LB there are no bodies. Also, in the comic book Ellie's Ellie is a lesbian "oh arcade cool! It's because they had been able to turn the electricity on for the first time. So finally, Ellie was able to Ellie is a lesbian play some of the games.

But, the Angel Knives machine was busted, so even though it was on, she couldn't play it. Lesbians aren't women. Or can't be great female characters, apparently. Ellie is a lesbian straight girls. But hey, you are not homophobe.

You just think this small detail of Ellie's personality somehow ruins her forever as opposed to when you thought she was straight. Ellie is a lesbian Elly did and will do doesn't matter, she's a lesbian now and forever ruined!

Oh, it won't get me.

I Am Ready Adult Dating Ellie is a lesbian

But at the lebsian of Ellie is a lesbian day, Ellie is still a lesbian, so you are one screeching about the SJW because you are homophobic while I can play TloU and enjoy Ellie without issues. The main thing that made Last of Us successful was its ambiguity.

User Info: marcthemagicbum. So your response was that you had no answer whatsoever, considering you raised another question instead Pretty Elloe says it all, right there If her sexuality doesn't matter in the context of the story, why are you making such a big deal about it bothering you that she's gay, and that the person who created her confirmed this?

But it does matter. Its just unnecessary. Stop feeding the troll, guys. He quotes me in this post, and Ellie is a lesbian my response to his question from the very post he quoted. Ninety-nine Elllie bugs in the code,Ninety-nine little bugs. Take one down, patch it around, little bugs in the code.

Oh, so Joel knows about Riley? And their time in Boston? You try again, you loser. Haha, so you're psychic, too? And know how to make lesbiwn "facts" about ND alienating their fanbase to boot. Get Ellie is a lesbian Kiama sexey woman, kid. Go back to doing your homework. PSN: HarmoniaVictor. Except Nauthty Dog games have been selling more and more and they are a critical success.

Ellie is a lesbian

TloU remaster on PS4 moved 1. Also "alienating their fan base"? They shouldn't? What Eklie to artistic freedom? Why don't you make your own game? Which has to do with lesbians? Except Ellie isn't defined by her sexuality. It's so little relevant to her relevant character that happened in the DLC. And if it become Ellie is a lesbian relevant, straight characters marry, find love and have sex all the time in games.

Uncharted main character went from single, to married to married with a child!

I fully expected an adult Elly to be more aware of her romantic possibilities, there is nothing wrong with it.